This almost pure body, free from any burden, that has just enough strength to hold a paintbrush in order to communicate to us what the other part of the body experiences in the hereafter and all that this entails.


Knowledge of the Cosmos

The magic of the stars’ eye is part of this gallery. The most relevant it can be. Symbols coming from elsewhere … from another world. A universe where the galaxies dance at the ball of the senses.
The strength of an energy from a parallel world where the new esotericism makes itself felt, that whose name remains a mystery to us. A distant influence of ancient Egypt with its codes and secrets where only an elite coming from elsewhere can recognise. Intense like an aerolite passing on a new, nameless energy. Only the colours and numbers serve as unique markers of pure creation. Mercury and Uranus are my inspiration, the matrix of my work. My work dares … gives what is needed at an exact moment.

Ghislaine Melou aka Sgigie