Personal Introduction

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ..................... 10 = intense

Why have I chosen to call my works of art ‘intense’? It is because of the strength I feel when I produce these works. I call this force ‘intense’ because it is imperceptible, intangible, yet relevant.

Is it a coincidence? If it is, how did it put me on the path to creating pure works of art
at a specific moment?

One evening in January 2008 at midnight, I did 30 drawings in a quarter of an hour: this energy had to find an outlet after 40 years of research.
Intense art is the synthesis of a path or process, introspection on a present-day movement. It is like daily life, with tension. What I call ‘intense art’ is a kind of a synthesis of my path, my introspection on today’s ways of expression. My art looks like today’s frantic world.

In 2007, I met the love of my life—my masculine muse. Our union has inspired me to create this collection which starts with an exact topic and continues with key moments lost in space while waiting for our time to come.
I have done all of this because I love mankind, the Earth, the Universe, and have truthfulness as my goal. All of these paintings have been done with the purest of intentions. Any events linked to some of my paintings are purely coincidental.

In short, creations to get one’s brain firing!